Sunday, December 28, 2008

McKenzie's 1st Christmas!

McKenzie's 1st Christmas!

Well McKenzie is taking a nap with daddy watching football so I thought I would write a little. McKenzie had a fabulous Christmas. On the 24th we drove to Austin to visit Davids family and McKenzie did great in the car. This means alot because she really hasn't cared for her car seat at all. We only had to make one stop to change a dirty diaper and i'm pretty proud how fast I changed that thing in the car! When we arrived at Austin McKenzie was swarmed by all her cousins and Aunts and Uncles! McKenzie's Oma helped her open her first present, I posted a picture above. McKenzie got so tired after all the festivities she had to take a little nap with Oma and her Uncle Clark.

We woke up on Christmas Day and watched the kids open Santas gifts, then we played a little American Idol on the Wii. After I rocked out to Kelly Clarkson, we got dressed and went to the Kothlows for more Christmas fun! Aunt Cathy and Aunt Michelle and Uncle Doug got some McKenzie time. We celebrated all day and ended the night with more American Idol on the Wii with Cousin Ryan, Brian, Ian, Lauren and Brandon. This past week McKenzie has been a little under the weather but she was such a trooper the whole trip, even though she was having trouble breathing. When we woke up on the 26th McKenzie was really stopped up and I suctioned out a lot of mucus, so I called the Dr. and made an appt. for that afternoon. First we packed the car and Aunt KiKi and Cousin Lauren made us a fabulous breakfast. We ate and then Cousin Lauren and Cousin Brian played with McKenzie. Then Uncle Eric and Aunt KiKi got some McKenzie time too. Then David, McKenzie and I were off again. We had another great car ride and only one stop for guess what a dirty diaper! We finally arrived home and McKenzie and I went and picked up Granny and headed to the Dr. The Dr. took us rite in and McKenzie weighed 13.8 pounds and was 25 inches long. Our little girl is getting so big. She was so good at the Dr.'s office and we found out that she has a sinus infection and they immediately started her on medication.
On the 27th we celebrated Christmas with Granny and Pappy and Aunt Melissa and Uncle Colin and Cousin Dee (Delaney)! McKenzie is starting to get better the medicine and the humidifier if working great. We had a great meal and played some games, then we opened gifts. The girls had such a great time! I will make a slide show from our 1st Christmas. David and I cannot wait till next year when McKenzie can open her own gifts. As for David and I we had a fabulous Christmas. David gave me a beautiful necklace that represents McKenzie and I will wear it always close to my heart. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and family. We are truly blessed.
David, McKenzie and I were in a Christmas program this year too. McKenzie was baby Jesus for the Journey to Bethlehem. I will post pictures when I receive them. What a great honor that was and we will remember it always! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I go back to work in a week and I am not dealing well with that, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as we make this transition. I will keep you posted.

Monday, December 22, 2008

McKenzie's 1st 2 months!

Tummy Time

McKenzie having some tummy time!
My Princess 2 1/2 months! 12.6 pounds and 25 inches long. Hanging out in the Bumbo!

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Well this year I ordered all our gifts online and it was fabulous! McKenzie, Granny and I wrapped all the gifts on Saturday and they look great under the tree. David and McKenzie watched football all day yesterday and were so sad when the Texans lost. Today McKenzie has been napping and seems to be alittle under the weather but her Dr. said not to worry. Tomorrow I have to pack for our 3 day trip to Austin for Chritmas. This should be exciting because we have never traveled anywhere overnight with a baby. Im starting to wonder if all this stuff will fit in the car! I will keep you posted. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First Blog!

Wow...I never thought I would be a blogger, but here I am!
McKenzie is 2 months old now and in two weeks I go back to work....Boo! I am going to try to keep up with my blog to keep everyone informed on the Mulligan Household. We will see how this goes!!!!!!