Thursday, March 19, 2009

McKenzie is 5.2 Months Old!

McKenzie is 5.2 months old! She is getting big so fast! We lay her down and she rolls all over the place. What a sweety!


I Love My Food!

Little McKenzie loves her fruit and veggies!!!! She will watch David and I eat and grab for our food. She loves food!!!!! She gets cereal in the morning and veggies or fruit at night. David and I love feeding her!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary

Today is David and my 4th Anniversary! We celebrated this weekend by going to L'Auberge Du Lac in La. and we had a blast. It was our first time away from McKenzie but we did good. We rested and gambled and ate alot of good food! It was just what we needed. David and I played the slots and didnt have to much luck but we played poker and did okay. We didn't leave completely broke. That's good right??!!! We enjoyed some adult beverages and adult conversation and I didn't realize just how much I needed to feel normal again. On Monday we got up and drove home and little McKenzie was so happy to see us. Granny and Pappy did a great job baby sitting! Little McKenzie was on Granny's schedule though, sleeping till 10 or 11. We thought the time change would mess her sleep up, but so far no problems (knock on wood). So tonight we are going to rent a movie, cook dinner and enjoy some time with our daughter and our puppies on our 4 year Anniversary and be thankful for everything we have, including each other. I cannot believe how fast the time fly's. In January David and I were together for 10 years! 10!!!!! My how time fly's when you are having fun! Happy Anniversary David!!!!!! I love you!

5 Months Old

So McKenzie is 5 months old and she is doing so much better. She is sleeping much more than she use to and she is always in a happy mood. She eats alittle cereal every night and then we start our bedtime routine. Mommy and McKenzie take a bathe, Daddy comes in to get McKenzie ready for bed and then we top her tummy off with some warm milk and then lights out. I am so amazed at how different things are now. McKenzie plays in her jumpy and rolls all over the floor. She is always action packed! She has been such a joy to David and I. Even with her being sick she just lights up when we come into the room. She loves to laugh and play with her puppy dogs and she will stare at her fish for hours! I just cant imagine our lives without her. Its all the little things that make you love her more and more. God has truly blessed David and I!


Oma Visits

Last week Oma came down for a visit and to babysit. I had to work late on Wed. evening and Oma came to help. McKenzie, David and I had all been under the weather so Oma offered to do the night shift! Which was fabulous! Little McKenzie is doing so good at night. Granny and Oma tagged teamed the night shifts and low and behold McKenzie started sleeping better. I was starting to think I would never sleep again but after McKenzie started her cold medicine a miracle happened and she only woke up for 1 feeding a night. She was waking up every 2 hours and I was starting to become a zombie! I would work all day and be up all night! Not fun! Thank you Oma for all of your help! McKenzie is like a new child now that she is rested. She wakes up happy and alert and ready to start her day! Thank you again Oma for helping us do our sleep training and helping Mommy not go insane!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictures from the Weekend


Our Wonderful Weekend!

McKenzie spent the weekend visiting with Auntie M and cousin Ian! McKenzie had a blast! She laughed at Auntie M and had lots of cuddle time with her! Ian and Uncle David had lots of time to visit too! Ian played outside with the dogs and then helped Uncle David cook hamburgers. Auntie M told us that Ian might not eat alot but let me tell you what he ate! He ate the biggest hamburger that I have ever seen and french fries! Sunday he ate a piece of toast and a banana and then we went to IHOP and he ate 5 silver dollar pancakes bacon and eggs and then ate his moms sausage and some of her pancakes! Wow what a great appetite Ian has! We had such a great relaxing weekend. Michelle and I enjoyed some wine and David had a few beers! There is nothing like family time!

After Michelle left little McKenzie was acting like she wasn't feeling well. I ended up being up all night with her Sunday night and I took her to the Dr. Monday morning. the poor thing has a bad cold and pink eye ugh! So we got some medicine and started her on it immediately! Granny came over to spend the night last night so I could get some rest and Oma is coming Wednesday night to help! Man are we lucky to have such wonderful families! McKenzie was very stopped up today but she was in good spirits! I will keep you posted on her progress!

Also David and I are going away for the weekend for our 4th anniversary. This is our first time to be away from McKenzie so it should be interesting! I will let you know how it goes! I started a Mommy group last week and it is fabulous! I really feel like life is returning to normal (whatever that is). I will keep you posted!