Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Fun!

McKenzies Game Face (Daddy taught her this)!!


McKenzie Pics!


Back in the Saddle!

Sorry it has been so long guys! This summer has flown by and there never seems to be enough hours in the day! Okay I will catch everyone up to speed on the Mulligans. McKenzie is now 9 1/2 months old, isn't that crazy!!! She eats pretty much everything she can get her hands on, thank to cousin Dee! When McKenzie see Delaney do it....she wants to do it. She walks around holding on to everything and she has also learned how to throw little fits. I love this little girl!!!!!! McKenzie is her Daddies child, she is confident and independent and has a temper that can go from 0-60 in no time flat!!! David and I are truly blessed that we are her parents. Also, McKenzie is brilliant....I am sure all parents say this but she sees us do something and she immediately does it. I showed her how to go down the stairs correctly and she does it the same way every time! This too is a curse, she is a little dare devil (also a trait of her father)! McKenzie now has 2 bottom teeth and teething has not been fun for us at all. McKenzie still doesn't sleep well and that plus teething is not a good combo!! When times are rough I always remember that this is the shortest time of her life. This to shall pass! Everything else is great, she is healthy and strong and she now weighs in at 20 pounds! Our princess is growing up so fast!!!

David and I are doing well. Things have been very busy at my job and his. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day!!! The stores are doing really well and David finally has enough employees to have alittle freedom. Dave still plays his weekly poker game and still wins!!! Dave and I took a trip to the Casino and are going again this weekend for alittle rest and relaxation! Thanks to Oma and Granny and Pappy for babysitting so we can get away a few days! We also went to Schlitterbaun for a few days for the Winfield Family Reunion and we had a blast! McKenzie loved the water park and on Sunday Michelle, Doug and Cousin Ian came for a visit and had a blast!!! Ian loved the water slides and he wore McKenzie out! McKenzie actually fell asleep in the pool! Cousin Ian gave McKenzie one of his toys and she has had a blast with it! Thank you Cousin Ian!!! David and I were also in our friends Angie and Trey's Wedding in June. What a wonderful, beautiful Wedding!!!

As for me I am running in the Houston Half-Marathon in January with Angie and Megan and I am so excited!!!!! I have been training for two weeks and I feel really good! I love the Houston Half!!!!!! I will keep you updated on my training!

All the animals are doing well! Bella, Whiskey, Chloe and Sammy love McKenzie and she loves terrorizing them! Mom has a new rescued addition to her family..Burt Reynolds an 8 month old mini donkey. So now they have Mini, Mama, Dollar, Burt, Boots, Diller, Pearl, Carly, Val and the Peep Peeps (54 furry chickens). That place has turned into a zoo for rescued animals! McKenzie loves it though. Every morning when I drop her off she and Pappy go and feed the Peep Peeps and horses and she loves it! She is definitely going to be a country girl!!! I will take pictures soon of the farm!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I am trying to get back in a routine of weekly updates! I will also post more pictures!!!