Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Day

A few Fridays ago I came home from work with a horrible stomach virus and was deathly ill till Wednesday! It was just dreadful!! I pray that I never feel like that again. Luckily David never got it and McKenzie only had it for 24 hours! While at home it snowed in Texas and we got to take some pictures! Here they are!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


McKenzie hates pictures with Santa!

McKenzie loves Sammy The Bearkat!

McKenzie loves Pasta!!

McKenzie loves her Mommy and Daddy!


The Houston Half Marathon

My friend Angie and I ran the Houston half again. That's right 13.1 miles! Thank you Angie for all your support!!! Thank you to my Mom and Dad and Davie for keeping McKenzie so I could do long runs on the weekends!We did okay and had a fabulous time! Oma took us out for a pasta dinner and kept McKenzie while we headed out bright and early for the big race! 30,000 people ran and we had a blast!!!


A Brief Update

McKenzie has The Croup (who knew that this was real), she has had a hard time breathing but the medicine is beginning to work. Please keep her in your prayers. Mom and Dad have chickens(or Peep Peeps according to McKenzie), we go and feed them and check for eggs. One day we got 41 eggs! Good thing because I don't have to pay for eggs when I am doing all my baking!! We have so many eggs that we give them out in the neighborhood and we also donate large amounts of them to the homeless shelter! Some eggs are green!! We have all colors! We love this chore! McKenzie loves being outside, that is her happy place! She feed all the animals and she runs around in her mud boots, I have a feeling she is going to be a cowgirl because she is a natural with the horses, I see alot of my mom in her. My mom has no fear of animals and she was such a great horsemen! I hope McKenzie gets that skill too! I will have to take some pictures of her fury friends soon!


The Loss of My Uncle Bud

On a more somber note, on my birthday my Uncle Bud passed away. Uncle Bud is my dads oldest brother and he lived in California. This tragedy came as a complete shock and no one was expecting it. My dad and his siblings really have had a hard time with this. My cousin Diane (Buds Daughter), lives in California and my Mom and Dad flew out to LA to help her with everything. They had a lovely memorial for him in LA and his ashes are being sent to my parents and we are having a Texas memorial on Feb 20th. We are going to bury his ashes by my grandparents. Both sets of my grandparents are buried in San Augustine Texas, in the same cemetery. I haven't been there in many years and I am alittle anxious about going back. Please pray for my family during this time. Uncle Bud was a free spirit and always had a good story to tell! He will be missed dearly!!!!!!


Our Birthdays

In January David and I had our Birthdays! Oma came down and babyset for us and David and I got to go to a movie and out to eat. For those of you reading that dont have children you might think this is funny, but for us it was a real Birthday treat! On top of that Oma spent the night with McKenzie and David and I got to have a whole night of rest!!!! What a Birthday gift this was!!!! I miss sleep most of all! Those days are long gone though! :-) Anyway, David got me the most awesome mixer ever and I have really enjoyed it!!! I will have to take a picture and post later! So to summarize, our Birthdays were fantastic!!!! Thank you again to everyone for all the Birthday wishes.!!!


Cakes & Cupcakes

As promised I am going to showcase my creations! There is a pink pig, snow men cupcakes, a cabbage patch(don't judge me on that one..I was just testing out cake batter), more cupcakes and David Birthday Cake! By any means I am no pro but I am on my way (wink wink)! Not really but it sure helps with stress...not with dieting so much! Good thing I have been running because David and I and our employees have been living off sweet treats for a couple of months now. Man OH Man!!!!! David said that his pants are getting tighter and tighter! :-)


Pics from the last 3 months!

If you notice McKenzie has a shiner in some of the photos. She fell on the tile and hit her face. This was very scary but she did look cute sporting her first black eye!


Christmas 2009

Christmas came and went very fast this year. We hosted Christmas at our house this year for the first time. McKenzie and Delaney had a blast and got way to many toys. The holidays are extremely busy for the stores, so David had to work on Christmas Eve, but when he got home the festivities began. McKenzie was so tired she would whine and say night night and go to the bedroom door. So needless to say she didn't wait up for Santa Claus. Christmas morning Santa came and McKenzie had a ball. She played with her gifts and then we went to hang out with Melissa and her family at my Mom and Dads house! McKenzie and Delaney had a blast! The only thing missing was Davids side of the family! Next year we get to celebrate with them! I know McKenzie is going to love being with her Austin Cousins too!

After Christmas dinner Dave and I helped my Mom and Dad put some gifts together and I did some baking. Baking is my new passion! I love the feeling of cooking something, then decorating it and watching people enjoy eating it. I just love it! I got some cake baking goodies for Christmas and I have been having a ball. David thinks I should blog about my baking, make my blog my portfolio. We will see. I have very fond memories of my mom always baking our cakes and cookies and cupcakes. Maybe its silly but I really don't want to be the parent that always buys treats for McKenzie's classes. So I am trying to become domesticated! Which by the way is really difficult if you work all the time, but I am going to give it my best shot and so far so good!


I Dont Even Know Where To Start!

I will start here! Here goes a 3 month catch up. Well first of all I must say that work has been out of control busy and there are never enough hours in the day. My blog has definitely suffered from all the craziness! So I am going to try and keep it up to date, we will see.